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Photographic Services

Do you want a customised image to suit your needs? Do you need to hire a photographer? Please see below for a list of my services.

Kelpie Muster
Events and Special Occasions


Do you want captivating photographs of your event or special occasion? Do you want images that tell your story? Visual storytelling is the most compelling and emotive form of telling your story.


Click here to hire me for a special occasion, event or party.

Kelpie Muster
Four-legged Friends


Do you want heart-warming photos of the bond between you and your puppy (big or little)? Would you like candid photos of your fur-baby (or fur-babies) doing what they do best...make you smile?


Dogs exude so much character, and capturing their charm brings so much pleasure to both me and my clients. Establishing a relationship with both fur babies and their humans is paramount to revealing their unique bond.


Click here to hire me for a customised photo shoot of your favourite four-legged fur-baby.

Personal Property


Do you want stunning images of your own home, or that beautiful view from your verandah or balcony? Would you like images of your prized-possession...the car, the motorbike or the truck. Impress your family/friends/colleagues with amazing images proudly displayed in your home or office of your most treasured belongings.


Click here to hire me for a customised photo shoot of your favourite possession.



Favourite Location


Do you want mesmerising photos of your favourite location? This could be a beach you regularly holiday or visit, a place you've been to, somewhere you once lived, or maybe your home town.


Capturing the essence of a place is not always easy, and we can't always be at these locations when the lighting and weather is just right.


Click here to check out my images or click here to hire me for a customised photo shoot of your favourite location.





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