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Casterton, Here We Come!

Stunning scenery on our 2nd leg of the trip. We followed the Hume Freeway from the Pinsent Hotel in Wangaratta, past Glenrowan and took a small detour near Baddaginnie where massive trees fringe the desolate roads and flat-as-a-pancake paddocks.

No beer in this pub! A glorious and eerie hotel!! The Gregory's Bridge Hotel, situated on the banks of the Goulburn River in Murchison on the C345 highway. Built between 1865 and 1868 (took a long time to build things back then!!), this grand old hotel houses a large general store and cellar, with stables at the rear and the remnants of a once magnificent garden. I couldn't squeeze the enormous London Plane tree (pictured - my horticulturally-challenged brain thought it was a Liquid Amber) within the camera lens frame without crossing the road! Extensively patronised by tourists, commercial travellers and locals, the hotel was said in 1909 to be 'easily the best known hotel in the Goulburn Valley'. Certainly a testament to the significant importance of hotels in the 19th century.

We were on a mission, so we powered through Bendigo and turned onto the Pyrenees Highway at Castlemaine, stopping only at Elmhurst (right) and Maroona (below) before bunking down at the Coleraine Hotel.

Coleraine Hotel

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